Proven Design

Our Standard Series shock absorbers provide a constant deceleration; stopping your load without bouncing. Since our Series S shocks have custom, fixed sized holes in the internal metering tube, they are very specific to the loading situation and, therefore, more economical and efficient.  There is no adjustment required, so the unit is ready to go out of the box and tamper proof.

Custom Mounting Styles

All of out Series S shock absorbers are offered in four mounting styles; Rod End Flange, Blind End Flange, Clevis, and Side Lug, making it easy for you to mount no matter your situation. If your area requires some custom fitting of the mounting, let us know, and we will be happy to customize your shock absorber.

Spring Return vs Air Return

The piston rod can be returned to the ready position in two different ways; by using a spring return or an air return. The spring return automatically returns the piston rod to the start postion and is recommended when velocities are high. These units are completely self contained. The air return style is used to delay the return of the piston rod to the start position. This style requires the use of an external air/oil tank, an air line, and a 3-way air valve.

For more information and for the dimensions of the shocks, take a look at our catalog.

Bore1.12 1.50 2.0 4.0  
Rod Dia0.50 1.00 1.00 1.75 
Stroke in inchesFlange CapacityClevis CapacityFlange CapacityClevis CapacityFlange CapacityClevis CapacityFlange CapacityClevis Capacity
5,0005,000  15,70015,70062,00062,000
311,00011,000  47,10047,100188,400188,400
3.5  25,00025,000    
49,0009,000  62,00062,800251,200251,200
5  35,40035,40078,50078,500314,000314,000
6    87,00087,000376,000376,000
6.5  46,00046,000    
7    77,90077,900439,600439,600
8    70,60070,600502,400502,400
9    64,32164,321565,200565,200
10    59,14059,140510,000510,000
11      475,200475,200
12      444,000444,000
13      416,878416,878
14      393,104393,104
*Contact us for longer strokes and higher capacities. Capacities are in in-lbs. Bores are in inches.